The Pack-It: Whatever Wherever Whenever

Leave No Waste!

The Pack-It™ is there for you whenever, wherever, for whatever. Use it to carry your goods and supplies into the park, and then use it again to remove trash, debris, and waste from your campsite, keeping the park clean and preserved for future visits and generations to come. The Pack-It™ features multipurpose straps so it can be used as a tote bag, a shoulder bag, or a backpack. It is a versatile solution for carrying items in and out of the park.

The Pack-It™ is not only unique in its style, but also in its wide range of possibilities. The Pack-It can also be printed with a park logo, instructions for waste disposal, or advertisements from local vendors or sponsors of the Pack-It™ program. Sponsors can advertise at a low cost while underwriting the cost of deploying thePack-It™ in your park. The Pack-It™ can even be made clear or opaque!

With all these choices, thePack-It™ can fit the needs of anyone, anywhere, anytime. Pack-It™ is also proudly made in the USA.

1-800-697-6084 • Made in USA